GOD Knows Better

Having babies was always a “later” plan for me. I didn’t think that I was ready for such an addition to my life. I always thought about it as if it’s something that’s going to tie me up and hold me back from work, ambitious, having fun, travelling, going out whenever I felt like doing so and much more things that I used to think they were more important.

I know I sound a bit mean now but as a young woman that has moved to a whole different life after marriage,this was really hard to think of.

I used to live with my parents, 2 brothers and NO SISTERS (you can imagine how was my life at that time), so moving to a new country with my hubby, starting a new job in a different environment and socializing were already much for me to handle – or at least that’s what I thought.

2 years later, all of a sudden, I was at the office when I felt something strange which I can’t describe (I’m sure you mamas/mamas-to-be have been there). And the only thing that came to my mind was “OH NO THIS IS NOT HAPPENING NOW.. AM I PREGNANT!!” I waited until 6:00 and rushed home, and called my husband to pass by the pharmacy! Off course he was more than happy to do so.

I remember that night as if yesterday. Hubby came home with a wide smile on his face and was so excited. He gave me the test and said what are you waiting for – go ahead “YALA” :). I just couldn’t do it that night.

I waited till morning next day until my husband left to work – not very happy off course – and did the test.. And there you go: I was PREGNANT.

At the time I saw the POSITIVE indication, all that came to me was pure joy and happiness. I forgot all about my previous thoughts and just laughed from the bottom of my heart.. <3. Ran to my phone, called hubby and we were both laughing like crazy and no words were coming out.

As a bottom line, I’m more than convinced now that pregnancy is not something to be planned. There is no “ready time” for it. Whenever it happens, you’ll be ready.

GOD knows better and your instinct will work pretty well.


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