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Pamper your Skin!

Good morning!!

This morning and like every each morning – except for weekends off course :p, I woke up to go to work. While I was getting ready, I thought why not sharing with you my daily morning routine that I use to pamper my skin.

I believe that we deserve the best after all the things we go through during our day so there you go.

Will start with my Capture Totale Eyes Essential Super Serum!

This beautiful little thing helps prevent the reappearance of visible signs of aging and fatigue.

The second step is the One Essential Booster Serum! I am totally in love with this! Once I apply it on my face I can see the difference.

As per the Dior official website, the One Essential Booster Serum has a 3-dimensions action:

  1. DETOXIFIES: it continuously eliminates toxins and frees the flow of energy at the heart of the skin.
  2. REGENERATES and ENERGIZES: it optimizes the correct functioning of cells.
  3. BOOSTS: it boosts by up to 4 times the effectiveness of ingredients of your usual, subsequently applied skincare.

As per me, I just love it and it works perfect for me 😀

Then after applying the Serum, I go directly to the Hydra Life Pro-Youth Silk Creme. This cream helps fight aging appearance and moisturize your skin to keep your youthfulness looks. That’s where it got its name from 😉

The last step in my morning routine is the Capture Totale Base UV Multi-Perfection 50 SPF.

This works as my daily protection. I love it since it’s tinted so in case I need to sleep 10 more minutes in the morning I can always go to work without foundation as I have this perfect item. It’s unlike other tinted protections, it blends smoothly with the skin and give you the natural radiant look.

Bottom Line: Ladies, pamper yourself as you deserve it!! ❤


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