When I Have THEM Around <3

You might find my scratch below very long but i couldn’t but share it with you.

It all started last Thursday on December 17th, 2015, when I woke up and started getting ready to go to work.

I was almost done when our nanny brought me my baby boy and laid him on my bed and left the room.

On that morning, my little angel had his giggles for the first time :D; we had a great time talking and laughing together. After a while I looked at the clock and oops i’m late to work. Rushed to get my bag when I heard a teeny-tiny voice saying: “Good morning Mommy, nice shoes!!” 😀

Yes. my little princess is awake. Again it took us some time to talk about shoes, lipstick and me taking her out when i’m back to buy some “Shopkins”. Looked at the clock again and guess what: it’s 9:15 and i’m still at home.. although it was for a worth it reason but i had to run.

Kissed my babies a see you soon kiss and rushed to work.

Arrived at my desk to find a big green bag and obviously it was a gift’s bag!! I opened it to find some nice Christmas gifts for my little ones with a card. It was from a friend in the office. Off course went to say hello and thank him and get back to my seat to check out some emails. At last I have to do some work; that’s why they pay me every end of the month. 🙂


It went quiet for a while and just before lunch break, I saw my cutest friend approaching me with a green office envelop. I have to admit, I figured out that it wasn’t work as it was a bit kind of bump envelop. She gave it to me and said: “I was busy but now I can’t wait any longer so there you go!!” I opened the envelop to find out a card made out of scratch and a gift. It was my BIRTHDAY gift!! I totally loved the card much more than the gift.

IMG_4004       IMG_4006

After some hugs, laughs, chats and all, it was time for me to go home for lunch. On that day, my hubby was invited to an Emarati wedding so he texted me not to be late so I can help him choosing his outfit.

I took my gift bag and went home. Arrived at our building, took the lift to our floor. The lift door opened to see my Ghazal, my Ramzi and the nanny waiting. Once they saw me, my son showed me a wide smile and my daughter shouted: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! You have a gift, You have a gift!!” She was very excited <3. At the 1st instance, I thought she was talking about the big green bag i’m holding so I just replied: “yes look I have a gift for you.” I tried to catch her to give her a hug and walk to our apartment but she was so excited, so she ran inside but kept on saying you have a gift, you have a gift 😀

“CAPTION: I couldn’t take any photos was too busy with my cute pies” 

I took my little angel from the nanny and followed my princess. She lead me to my bedroom and pointed towards the bed: “SEE!! YOU HAVE A GIFT & FLOWERS!!” 😀 😀 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY”


I was really surprised and my eyes were full with tears. It’s not the flowers nor the gift.

It was my Hubby’s thinking of sending my babies outside to meet me at the lift and lead me to my gift.

It was my daughter’s excitement and glow in her eyes about my birthday and about me getting my gift & flowers.

It was the wide smile of my little prince that I saw the moment the lift door opened.

I’ve been celebrating my birthday for 27 years now but I think this was my favorite.

FullSizeRender (2)

You reach a point in life where all you need to do on your birthday is being with your adorable family doing nothing but cuddling on your big bed and listening to their giggles go high.

After blowing out some tears, playing a little with my babies, printing some kisses on their chubby cheeks, and taking some pictures, my hubby broke that by saying: “I’m so hungry, can we have lunch now.”

Wrapped all the excitement & went to the kitchen to prepare for lunch; opened the fridge & BOOM!! another SURPRISE CAKE!! And OHHHH what a CAKE!!

I totally fell in love again. This “E” guy who I call him my Hubby keeps on surprising me everyday so that I fall in love with him again & again; but guess what.. It Works!!

My awesome cake was a flower bouquet with the special “Charlotte” taste. it looked amazing and the taste was delicious!

IMG_3955             IMG_3956

To sum it up, as I’ve been talking for a long time now, on that day we didn’t cut the cake. We kept it for the next day and had some relatives to celebrate with.

Off course we got a back up cake as there were so many of us. :$

IMG_4253               hjfkjIMG_4257

I Love you “E” to the moon and back ❤


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