Let Them Play & Make a Mess

I’ve read so many quotations about children and play before I wrote my post and all agreed that Playing is the best way of Learning.

Our children have a necessity to play; it’s not one of the luxury things that you think you are offering them.

For them to learn, they have to touch, smell, taste, explore, create a mess and be little artists the way they like to be. The best part of it is being a happy child after all!

A happy kiddo makes every one else happy.

Don’t worry about your messy floor or their fancy clothes getting dirty. Just let them be kids. Perfection is in raising healthy and happy kids.

My daughter is 2 years old now and she is the happiest child i’ve ever seen. She never caused me problems raising her up (as of now :p) and she’s the most outgoing child. She’s always happy and sociable. She loves going out and playing with elder kids. She likes messy painting and loves playdough. She has new things to talk about every day like Rocket Ships and Dinosaurs.

Childhood comes only once in a lifetime so let them play, learn and make a mess.

Some of my daughter’s favorites:

  • Finger painting (should have been called body painting):


  • Artistic Talent

jhgkh at

  • Musician

m   g


  • Technology/Social Media/Trend Expert:


  • Playdough Addict:


And the list never ends 😀


One thought on “Let Them Play & Make a Mess

  1. Kids love to be free and make messes. It’s up to the parents to get them used to helping clean up, but their creativity should not be stifled.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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