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Things NOT to be said for a Working Mom

As 2016 started, I made a promise to my self to take care of my blog and give it more out of my time.

I know some of you will say; do you have any with 2 kids, a husband, a social life and a full time job?!!

Well, Yes, I can make it.

As a working mom, I have heard so many questions and phrases that pissed me off and drove me mental but never showed it out. Sometimes, words going out from nonsense people hit the deep of me but never gave up or broke down; instead, it made me stronger.

And so I came out with below list.

Before starting, I have to say that I read a lot about my topic. I’ve been there but didn’t know how to write it all down. So I had to check out some of the lists written by Super Moms before. They all shared the same lists but each wrote it in her own way and that’s what i’m going to do.

I’ll start my list with a consecutive order as how a working mom might receive the comments first.

  1. Hey working mama, congratulations on your new baby, he/she’s so cute.
  • I don’t know how will you leave him/her in few weeks time to go back to work.
  • Your husband seems very successful, I was surprised when “X” told me you’re going back to work.
  • You should do some sacrifices now and cut off some luxuries so one of you can stay home.
  • You must really love your job to go back that early after having this adorable baby.
  • Good for you to put your career first! :O
  • I prefer for my wife to stay at home and raise the kids now.


2. Oh “X” from the ladies fitness club told me you’re getting a nanny for your baby so that you can go back to work.

  • I could never let someone else raise my child. But don’t worry, that’s just me.
  • If you’re not going to raise up your kids so why are you getting them.
  • Do you trust your nanny??
  • Did you watch the news last night. They were talking about that crazy nanny who threw the kids out of the window while their parents were at work. But don’t worry that’s one in a million.
  • Don’t you have family to watch out your kids while you’re at work instead of getting a nanny.
  • Your kids might not know you after sometime and will probably think that the nanny is their mommy.
  • Isn’t it cheaper to stay at home than go to work and hire a nanny??
  • I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home and not have to worry about a nanny.


3. Hello “Business Woman” it’s been a long time.

  • You look exhausted.
  • You’re probably missing out on milestones and your little ones missing you as well
  •  Your house must be a mess. Poor lady, off course how will you manage.
  • You have to pump at work??! Isn’t it much easier to formula feed.
  • I think it’s a smart thing of you to work, just in case your husband decided to walk away some day.
  • Can’t you afford to stay at home and get some rest instead .
  • There’s always time to work later. But these early years come once, and later you’ll regret it.
  • At least you have the night time as mom time.

To all these people I say: thank you for all your comments. They lifted me up instead and now i’m called a SUPER MOMMY 🙂

P.S. My kids still love me! ❤



15 thoughts on “Things NOT to be said for a Working Mom

  1. working moms are awesome, I dont’ think that your kids will love you a lot less just because you are not at their side 24/7, they will still love you just the same and maybe even more. A happy women is happy mom with happy kids.

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  2. Its a big, contradictory world! I feel like I fight with myself most about working, but have def heard some of these comments before. Its tough! You lose whatever you do – there will also be someone judging…


  3. “in case your husband decides to walk away one day”?! gosh, some of these are horrendous!! Kudos to you for being a supermom…we all are in our own ways, and its about time these questions stopped!


  4. I think women should just be supporting of each other’s decisions. It is not a contest. Women are always trying to justify their actions – especially on this subject. You are doing a fab job. Next time someone says something offensive – call them out on it.


  5. Hey how are you dear long time……

    I have almost the same experience.

    Since people sometimes they use only there tongue not there brain. At the beginning it used to hurt me and I used to think like how they can ever say something like this but this gave me a chance to prove to them that they are wrong and women can do much more than they expect….

    I am so happy to read all your stories, experience……. Cause these things are happening to all of us (working moms).

    All respect to you and your family…


  6. Just yesterday someone started telling is this nanny horror movie thing while we are out for a party with them and our kids are home with the nanny. Really no words to describe them.


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