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Let’s Raise up Minds!

Toys!! Let’s not deny it, we all love toys no matter what age we are.

When it comes to buying them, we always choose appealing stuff that has attractive colors, designs, wrappings, etc… Of course it differs from a person to another, but as an overall result, we end up buying lots of toys for our children.

Before being a mom, when we used to receive invitations for a kid’s birthday party, I used to run to the toy store and buy the most attractive and big-in-size toy, thinking that this will be a child’s favorite. Now after having my own kids, I learned that even buying toys is something that you need to do carefully and selectively.

As i’m a working mom and my daughter still doesn’t go to nursery, I always tend to buy toys that build her learning ability, educate her and help her with some self confidence.

Yes! Toys does all that!!

Some of the things that I do recommend as per my experience:


When my daughter was around 10 months old, I bought her an ABC wooden puzzle but had no time to teach her how to fix it. So I always asked our nanny to keep the puzzle within my daughter’s reach every time she plays with other toys. When she was 12 months old, on a Friday morning, I grabbed the puzzle and started giving her the letters randomly, testing if she knows how to put each one in its correct place. She surprised us with putting back all the letters in their places without a single miss!! 2 months later, she memorized the ABCs and knew any letter her eye fell on.

Puzzles are a great way to teach your child about problem solving and encourage their exploration.



It’s my daughters 2nd favorite toy. Whenever we’re at BordersLego Store or any other toy store that sells blocks, we’re to buy a pack. I never say no to blocks as they are little things that grow with your child. You’re never too old for blocks. Plus, they encourage exploration and problem solving. Blocks also boost your kids’ imagination and help with their motor skills. Don’t underestimate them as they can teach your little ones some math as well. Kids can compare shapes, colors, heights, and even learn how to count.

FullSizeRender                                       IMG_3577 IMG_3292


This comes as number 1 on my daughter’s list. Playdough is a fun thing that helps little fingers, hands and wrists grow stronger and gets them ready for a pencil or a scissor. It also helps build their imagination and grow self confidence.


Playdough doesn’t come with a manual and has no right or wrong way to play with, so no instructions or disappointments for doing it the wrong way.

Playdough also helps with the sensory experience, creativity and math. Another amazing feature for this simple thing is that it helps sooth and calm your toddlers. It works as a stress relief for them as they struggle to express their feelings sometimes, so talking and singing while playdough time, can help with the process. Also to help introduce some science to your little ones, you can do your own playdough at home and let them help. They’ll be amazed how liquid turns to solid once you mix the ingredients together. (I’ll leave you the recipe at the end of my post ;)).



To sum it up, while buying toys for your kids, think about toys that can be used in a variety of ways and that will grow up with your child like plastic animal toys, doll houses, trains/cars/buses, dolls/stuffed animals… Also keep in mind to look for toys that enhance exploration and problem solving and boost imagination such as art materials, blocks, puzzles, dress-up clothing, toy food, plastic plates and toy tools. You may also buy ready-to-read toys like books and magnetic letters or even give them menus from the delivery guy or catalogs you receive at various stores or even old magazines. Last but not least, try getting them some toys that encourage children to get active like balls, scooters, tricycles, bowling sets, basketball ring & supermarket trolley/gardening wagon.


Playdough DIY:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 tbs oil
  • Food color

Mix all the liquids and then add the dry ingredients 🙂


5 thoughts on “Let’s Raise up Minds!

  1. Your daughter is adorable! Totally agree. When I was a first time mum I purchased every toy I could think of and my son soon grew out of them all. P.S. Never made play dough. May have to make some – thanks for the tip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s normal for all new parents to buy whatever they think their child might like and then end up with so many useless ones but by time we all learn from what we experience.
      Bless you and your beautiful family 😘


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