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My Little Big Girl!

Motherhood is a very long journey full of all kinds of adventures. You have happy times, mad times, tired times and cherished ones. This is not the full list though; motherhood keeps on surprising you every single day.

Today it was one of those days when motherhood decided to surprise me with feelings that I experienced for the first time. I can’t give them a name; I can only say that they were kind of a mixture.

Today, my 2 years old little spoiled princess went to nursery as a trial day and she’s officially starting on Sunday.

Today, I felt like a piece of my heart is slipping away and that my little girl won’t be little for long. She’ll grow up to an independent young lady in no time & then is when i’ll miss every single moment of her being my baby girl.

Only today I realized what my mom talks about when she says: “Our kids are not ours”. It really breaks my heart but at the same time makes me dance on the rhythm of my own heart beats. It’s so real that our kids doesn’t belong to us. They belong to who they grow up to be. But the happy part of it all, is having the privilege of raising them up and being there for them for a lifetime journey.

I’m for sure crying now but so proud as well.

At a certain stage of life, we should set our children free and teach them to grow independent, strong beings and face life in whatever comes through their path.

Believe me, it all starts here. The moment you walk them to the door of the daycare and head back to your car. The moment you see them wave goodbye. The moment you cry behind those wheels. And the moment you drive your car back home alone.

I wish you my love all the best and hope someday i’ll be around to see you walk your own children to the same place and feel as proud as I am now. And if that day comes & i’m still here, you are the most welcomed person to come cry on my lap.

I love you my Ghazal. ❤




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