Little Things That Matter

Ever since I was a kid, I always used to see Dad in his beekeeping protective kit. He loves bees too much & have a great passion taking care of them. He used to collect honey every season and store it at home for our daily usage.



I finished collage, got married and traveled with my hubby to UAE. Two years later, I got pregnant and after few months we knew that the baby is a SHE!

My father was so excited about it & was asking me every now and then, “did you decide what you’re going to name her??” and I always replied, “we don’t know yet”.

On the day my princess was born and Daddy knew that she’s going to be “Ghazal”, he revealed his intentions. ❤

I still remember the day he called me telling me that he has decided to name the most beloved thing to his heart after my daughter’s name.

Two months later, he sent me a Honey jar with a designed name on it and guess what it was!! “GHAZAl” ❤


There is an Arabic quote that says:

ما في أغلى من الولد غير ولد الولد

Which means:

What’s more precious than your own child is your grandchild.

It’s the little things that matter indeed.

I love you Daddy ❤


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