Captured Memories

Ever since my daughter was born, (2.5 years ago), we always took pictures of her via mobile devices or sometimes our digital camera. And since these two are always in hand, we have loads of beautiful pictures stored on the hard disk that made us very confused which ones to pick and print. So 2.5 years passed and we still have no photo in a frame for our princess at home.

Okay Okay, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t realize that time was flying that fast and we always wanted to print the perfect picture of her. So whenever we go through her thousands of pictures, we get confused, give up and promise to do her a photo session soon.

Later, I got pregnant again and had our adorable little son and then we thought: that’s it, it’s about time to have a family picture and few photos for our little ones taken by someone professional.


At first, we didn’t know where to go and then I started seeing all the beautiful photos on Instagram tagged to a place called “Picture People UAE”.

Before even having the time to call them, I saw a “Mother Baby Club” competition on Instagram associated with Picture People so I gave it a try and guess what, I was the winner. Yup, this doesn’t happen to me frequently, actually I’ve never won anything before, but yes, I did this time. 😀

So our experience started here.

Picture People is a portrait studio brought all the way from the US to the UAE by Abdulla & Hamad Al Shirawi. They are located at Al Wasl Vita, Jumeirah 1.

The first contact with them was when they sent me a direct message through Instagram informing me that I was the winner and one of their representatives will contact me soon. Few days later, I received a very friendly call asking me when we’d like to have our session.

We booked a date few days after our little one turned 6 months, so it was like our kind of celebration.


During the call, one of the Picture People team will make sure to tell you all about your upcoming experience. She’ll tell you what to expect and ask you about any special things you’d like to have during your session. Which is something I loved although we’re not that demanding.

The day came & we walked into the Picture People Studio. Believe me, once we entered, we knew that we were at the right place. The ambiance was really comfortable and friendly. It’s a big space where you can see viewing stations all over the place. Then you have the kids area where they are welcomed to play/color until the room is ready. Then comes the most friendly staff <3. They will make sure you are welcomed and reassure if you have any specific requests to be added to the session.


Our photographer was Vibeke, the sweetest ever, especially with the kids. My daughter is a shy kiddo around new faces but it took her just few minutes to get over it.

During our session, bubbles blowing, flowers and all sorts of distractions were available to make the kids happy and feel like home. In no time, our session came to an end with so many lovely and fun memories captured. We were confused which ones to choose as they were all beautiful and when we made up our minds, we didn’t wait more than 10 minutes to get our photos printed.


Thank you Picture People UAE for the beautiful experience. We loved every single part of it. We will for sure be back some time soon to get more memories captured by the best in town.


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