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I Call Them Home

Places, memories, pictures and seasons are all different faces of a “Home”, but to me, Home is where my heart belongs and where my family is.

It doesn’t matter in which country we live or what kind of house we have if they weren’t there to fill it out with their presence.

I don’t care if I have the most successful job or receive the highest paycheck at the end of each month; which I don’t :P.

I don’t mind if I have or haven’t planned a vacation at the Honolulu or where-ever each year if they weren’t with me and knock the hell of me into pieces.

My ride doesn’t matter as long as I have a car that fits all of my gang in.

The only thing that matters to me is being with my little precious family. They make any place feel like home. Wherever they go, I go.

Their smiles and giggles feel like Home. Their hugs and kisses once I get back from a long day at the office feels like home. Hubby’s hug after a mad day of cleaning, babysitting, cooking and baking feels like home. Being their mom and his other half is Home.

Nothing in this world is more rewarding than having a family of your own and blessed is the person who has the chance to experience it.

I’ll keep it short and leave you with a picture of my Home ❤




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