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Bless my Bliss!

When I first saw the email, I thought: oh what an easy task today 🙂 but then came the list of options I have to choose from.

There are so many things in life that make me happy and fill my heart with joy but off course there’s just that one that makes my bliss very special.

Try figuring it out 😉

  1. Gifts are never beautiful without roses ❤
My dining table – Sharjah – UAE

2. Looking at such beauty brings peace to my soul 🙂

Miracle Garden – Dubai – UAE 

3. The country where I was born and raised. God bless my Lebanon and his beautiful people ❤

Miracle Garden – Dubai – UAE

4. Being pregnant is one special bliss ❤

Me and the bump 😀

5. Having these precious creatures is the ultimate bliss ❤

The left one was taken at Dubai Mall and the right one was taken at the Miracle Garden 

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