Love · Photo 101


Photo 101 course is getting more fun and exciting day after day.

For day 6 task, I chose 3 photos; 2 were already in my phone gallery and 1 which I took today just for the task.

I’ll leave few lines under each photo to tell you how does each one relate to the title from my point of view 🙂

Bosphorus Bridge – Istanbul – Turkey – November 2011

This is one of the photos that were in my gallery. I chose it to be under the “Connect” title as this bridge connects Europe and Asia. It was built in 1973, and it was the 4th longest suspension bridge span in the world as per Wikipedia.


This was was taken just now in my office using my Samsung Galaxy Camera 21x. I’ve taken this photo as phones now-a-days demonstrate a great source of connecting with others, either via social media, calling or texting. Mobile devices play a great role in getting people together.


Last but not least, this one was already in my gallery. To me, this photo shows too much connection as I think, there is no greater connection than that between a sister and brother. I love it when they share and get along in such a blessing way.


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