Photo 101

Light Reveals Mystery

Mystery is something that makes you wonder. It could be a big thing that just needs a second glance to get revealed; or a small thing that can be solved from the first sight. Either way, it should make you question it.

I have to say, this wasn’t an easy task and i’m not totally happy with my results but I thought I won’t surrender 😉 so I hope you’ll like them. 🙂


FullSizeRender 1
Marina – Dubai – UAE

I took the above photo for my husband when we were going on a boat ride so I had to crop him 😛

Lebanon – New Year’s Eve – 2014

On 2014, we decided to visit Lebanon – our home – as a surprise on the New Year’s Eve and on the night we got Fireworks at our place while we were celebrating with the big family ❤

Ajman Saray – Ajman – UAE

Last night we went out with some relatives to Ajman Saray and it was my first time there. I loved the place as it took an old, calm ambiance. While we were outside hanging beside the pool, I decided to take a picture of this. When I later looked at the picture, I thought it might make you wonder and ask “What’s that?” at the first instance.

It’s a big stone bowl shape filled with water and pebbles and a bulb to light it up 🙂

Here you go, the mystery is solved 😀


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