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April Fool’s Day!

We are all familiar with the title; “April Fool’s Day” or what’s known in the US mainly by “All Fools Day”.

April Fool occurs traditionally on April 1st of each year. It’s when people play practical jokes, pranks or rumors on others. It’s been there for hundreds of years but unfortunately, its origin is unknown. Although so many theories tried to relate it, but non was final.

One of the theories that was the most popular as per The Museum of Hoaxes involves the French Calendar reform of the 16th century. The theory goes as follows:

In 1564, France changed its calendar, moving the start of the year from the end of March to January 1st. Those who failed to catch up with the change or were stubborn and kept on celebrating the new year in the week between March 25th and April 1st, had jokes played on them.

Few of the traditions celebrated or known in some countries as per Wikipedia are as follows:

  1. United Kingdom:

It’s known that on April 1st, jokes or pranks are to stop at mid-day. Any person who decides to play his joke after mid-day, is to be considered the April Fool him/herself.

2. Ireland:

April Fool is to entrust someone to deliver an important letter to a named person. That person would ask the victim to take it to someone else and so on. Once the letter is opened finally, it will say: “Send the fool around”

3. Poland:

Many jokes are told and various rumors are prepared by people and media. Serious activities are highly avoided

4. Nordic Countries:

Most news media will publish one false story that will be printed on the first page but not as a bold title. Then they will mention that it’s an April Fool either somewhere on the side of the same page or in next day’s issue.


On April 1st, so many jokes and pranks are played but until this time, the number one ever joke played goes back to 1957 when BBC news announced that Switzerland is having an “exceptional heavy spaghetti crop” that year. The BBC news showed a video of people carefully picking up noodles from the trees.

Some of the viewers were upset and others called to check where can they find the “Spaghetti Bush”.

Pranks and jokes are something fun to play with family and friends unless it was played heavily. Please keep your jokes practical, enjoy your day and end it with a good laugh.

Happy Fool’s Day!


10 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day!

  1. I’m a school librarian and I’m anticipating something strange happening to my book organization today. Alas, as long as jokes are in good spirit, I’m okay with them. My dad and sister are big jokers so I grew up with really elaborate practical jokes happening often. My husband and son, however are really sensitive, so I’ve had to restrain that side of me. Alas!


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  2. heavy pranks sometimes go out of control likes the ones I’ve seen posted on social media that’s why I never liked them, jokes are ok for me as long as it is not about degrading a person by any means

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