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Before and After Kids

You might have seen this so many times before, either in funny sketches or in fun/joke oriented articles mostly written by moms or maybe people who lived close enough to one.

For all those moms-to-be who are reading this, sorry to disappoint you, but please note that this is just one side of motherhood. And the other side is really rewarding. ❤

For all those current moms reading, I’m sure you’ve been through few of below if it wasn’t all :).

So let’s share a good laugh about it and keep the serious stuff for the other rewarding sides of being a mom.

– Before being a mom, I used to get into the shower and get out after an hour or so. Then take all my time to try all the lotions I bought from last time i went shopping – which was just 2 days ago.

– After having my first baby, shower time started going on my “to-do-list” which I never finish on time off course. And once done, if I managed to stay in the shower for 10 minutes and have a hand-cream afterwards would be luxury.


– Before kids, rest room trips used to be something really private just like normal people and if you want, you have time to read your favorite novel or now-a-days scroll through social media :P.

– After kids, rest room trips are always accompanied by little creatures who love to discover all the dirty bits and pieces around, which makes you cut your visit and limit it to once or twice daily. Or you can even plan your visits at 3:00 in the morning. But even then, there is a possibility where they will have a nightmare, wake up and come find you 😀

A-z challenge

– Before kids, your meals were your meals no matter what. You’re eating them because you choose to and they look and taste very delicious.

– After kids, your meals/snacks/whatever you eat, are your kids’ left overs which taste a bit spongy due to the great amounts of saliva they have. Believe me, they will still taste delicious to you ❤

– Before having kids, sitting in a restaurant beside that strange woman talking about her kids’ pee and poop made you rush to the toilet, blow out all what you’ve eaten, think really loud: IS SHE SERIOUS :O and then leave.

– After having kids, pee and poop conversations are the most beloved talks you could chat about in public and the very best proof is that I have already done that just now 🙂

– Before having kids, you used to visit your hairdresser at least once a week and make sure your hair is always healthy and trendy.

– After kids, turning bald with some hair wings sprouted on your forehead is the new trendy hairstyle.

FullSizeRender 2

– Before having kids, everything was organized and put in a place where you know how to reach it.

– After kids, you can’t find almost everything you need including that mobile you are currently using for a phone call :D. And this is common between moms and known as mom’s insanity.

I’ll stop here although the list will never end and will keep it as a surprise for moms-to-be to figure it out on their own.

For moms going through this, you are most welcomed to add on above 🙂


9 thoughts on “Before and After Kids

  1. You are so right! I only have a 2 year old and these are all so true! The bathroom one is particularly accurate because my daughter insists on coming with me to the bathroom! Cassie from Mommy, RN

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