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Endless Love and All

Five years ago, I was in love enough to leave everything behind and change a lot in my life just to get married to the person I love and choose to call my husband.

All that time, I thought this was the highest level of love one will experience. Two years later, my understanding of love started to change. To the better for sure. ❤

Two years after our wedding, I knew I was pregnant. It was something new to us and both my husband and I were clueless. Nine months later, on September 26th, 2013, our daughter invaded our world. At the moment I heard her first scream and held her in my arms, I knew love wasn’t complete without experiencing such a feeling.

As much as you think you’re in love, as much as you’ll know at that moment that it was still missing a part to get complete. And indeed, this bit of a part is what I call: “Endless Love”.

A person experiencing such level of feelings will always have happiness deep in his heart and soul no matter how tired, mad, insane or even depressed he is at a certain moment. Such a person will always be patient and have a smile for anyone who needs it. A person experiencing endless love will always find a way to get over his problems and help others overcome theirs as well.

All the above and more are endless and blessed is the person who had the chance to try it and get stuck there.

I wake up every morning grateful that God has chosen me to experience motherhood feelings. He blessed me twice and gave me the chance to taste the beauty of pure love. No matter how tired, upset or nervous you might see me at times, you just need to take a second glance to see the peace I have deep inside and all goes back to being a MOM; the world’s most rewarding job.

To my 2 munchkins I say; I’ll always love you and give you my all and you’ll always find a home just here in my heart whenever you feel you need one.

To my love who I chose to continue my life with I say; I’m so blessed to have you in my life and call you the father of my children.


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