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Getting Up After a Co-Sleeping & Baby Beeping Night!

Ever since my daughter was born,I decided to put her on a routine that makes both of us happy and organized.

Once she was one month old, I put her in her bed & she slept for the full night there; off course except for the feeding time. Her bed was in our room, so once it’s meal time, I used to move her out of her crib, feed her and then return her back and never beside us.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I don’t want my princess to invade my space or that I don’t like to cuddle with her, but i’m a working mom and I needed to go back to work after 2 months. So it wasn’t going to work out very well if she gets used to co-sleep with us.

She grew up used to her bed and later when she was about 4 months old, we shifted to a bigger apartment where she had her own room. She moved & started sleeping there with my mom but in her crib. Now my daughter is 2 and a half years old and I can’t recall that she has shared our bed with us for a full night. Whenever I ask her to sleep beside us, she refuses and asks to sleep in her crib. Sometimes, I really miss the feeling of co-sleeping so I make her sleep in her bed and then shift her to ours but at the middle of the night, she’ll wake up and ask to go back to her room again.

Now comes my son’s story.

When my son was born – 8 months ago -I thought i’ll do the same with him. But guess what, it didn’t work!

Since I had a c-section this time,it was hard for me to move easily at the beginning so he had to sleep with us at first. Then when we decided to move him to his crib which was just next to our bed, he started crying and screaming and not getting a good sleep. He used to keep on crying until I move him to my side. I couldn’t leave him until he gives up because hubby had to wake up early next day to go to work and I was about to do the same very soon. So my little one got used to co-sleeping.

Before I got back to work, Mom came to rescue, so she shifted my baby to her side but he was still the drama king when it comes to bed time. He was nothing like his sister; he loved to be held and walked around until he falls asleep. No matter how hard we tried with him, his bedtime rituals were unbreakable 😛

Few months later, he improved and started to give up on his bedtime rituals until last night. Both my daughter and my son transferred. 😮

Last night I went to sleep at around 11:30 pm. At 12:00, I heard my daughter calling me so I jumped to her and she was totally awake asking if she can sleep at mommy’s. I was so happy to hear that. I held her with her pillow off course and brought her to our bed. Half an hour later, our very long night started.

Little missy woke me up and asked me to bring her milk and for sure I ran to do so as she doesn’t usually ask for food. Came back from the kitchen to see my husband is about to fall down as my daughter has invaded his area :D. Fixed it all, everything’s under control again and now it’s time to have a good sleep before we wake up to work.

Ummm not yet.

At the moment I laid my head on the pillow, I heard my little boy’s voice 😦 Jumped out of the bed, reached him and he started to cry really loud. Offered milk, he don’t want – changed diaper, it was clean – offered water, negative again – tried the AC, beeeep, wrong answer – held him, and tatarataaa, a wide smile for mommy the hero :D.

My mother-in-law was awake, our nanny was awake, hubby was awake and all trying to put this little munchkin back to sleep but didn’t work. The clock was ticking and it was 3:00 am already. At that time, my “R” decided to give us something special before he head back to sleep: He blew out on almost everything.

Mother-in-law had to change and remove her bed sheet & cover, nanny had to change and remove the rug from the floor and off course little gentleman had to wash and change. It took us sometime to recover and get back to sleep again. In no time the alarm started beeping. It was time to wake up, prepare my daughter to nursery, drop her and get to the office. (meh face)

I walked into the office today just like a zombie, reached my desk and started with a big cup of coffee. Okay, Okay a couple. No wonder why coffee made it on top of my Non-Negotiable list.

I’m not sure what was going on with my kids last night but really hoping they’ll sleep well tonight.


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