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Happy is the new Healthy

Usually when I decide to write about any topic, I have this habit of googling my title, even when I’m writing about a personal experience. I always check if there’s anyone else sharing my topic and would love to read their stories.

Today, I decided to write about “Happy being the new Healthy” but I didn’t realize there was a book out there written by Dave Romanelli, that holds the same title. I’m not sure if it’s still okay to have the same title for my post but in case it’s not please let me know in the comments below and i’ll change it.

I don’t know what the book talks about, but now that I knew it exists, i’ll make sure to read it very soon. We might be sharing something 🙂

Anyway, I wrote my post today to talk about how happiness contribute to someone’s health and I’ll use some sources to defend my point of view.

In my opinion, a happy person is a healthy person. Happiness is my life; I just can’t handle someone who nags about almost everything or thinks about problems and issues all the time. It’s not like i’m that perfect lady who has no problems and her life is very easy and have nothing to worry about.

Nope. Wrong answer.

I do have a lot to worry about every single day and have so much things to establish daily that really knocks me down. But even though, I try to make my day as happy and smooth as I can and go around my problems in a positive way. And since i’m a mother of two, I try to implement the same in my children. I want them to live happy little creatures and grow up to be strong living beings that can face everything in life with a positive perspective. And I think i’m doing a good job so far 🙂



I’m not that crazy to think that being happy all the time may get us rid of a flu, cough or a certain disease. It’s the side effects of happiness that make us strong people and thus being able to face any health problems and fight back. Happiness heals us mentally.

Let’s think about it; if you’re happy, you’ll probably eat better, start to exercise or go for a walk, wear sunscreen and add some make up. Happiness might also mean a good sleep at night or a picnic in the park. All what I mentioned are in the benefit of our health and they will all happen if we are in a peace mode.This only came up to my mind now but it may differ from a person to another. There are lots of things that we do because we are happy. We might not think about it once we do it but now if you go back through your memory tape you’ll know i’m right 🙂

To support what i’m talking about, I read some posts I found through my Google search. Elizabeth Landau, from CNN.com has issued an article recently on the same topic. In her post, she mentioned that “In 2012, a review of more than 200 studies, found a connection between positive psychological attributes, such as happiness, optimism & life satisfaction and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. Kubzansky & other Harvard School of Public Health researchers, published these findings in the journal of Psychological Bulletin.”

The article also mentioned that “People who have an optimistic mindset, may be more likely to engage in healthy behaviors because they perceive them as helpful in achieving their goals, Kubzansky said.”

A bit older post issued on Greater Good titled “Six Ways Happiness Is Good for Your Health”, mentioned that happiness protects your heart, strengthens your immune system, fights stress, disease & disability, lengthens our lives and happy people have fewer aches and pains.

After all, in just this small post, 4 agreed that happiness is on your health’s side: A book, 2 websites and Me 🙂

So why not live longer, strengthen our heart muscles, have less pains and be Happy all the time 😀



8 thoughts on “Happy is the new Healthy

  1. From one “happy, healthy mother of two” to another I totally agree on your outlook on life but as I have got older I have also found that engaging in a little bit more outdoors social activity such as walking with others also helps to boost happiness levels not only for yourself but in those around us too. Lovely to have met you through the Challenge 🙂
    Stormy’s Sidekicks
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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  2. Of course, If we don’t have good health, we can’t do everything well. I also agree with you, because I think my happiness is my parents’ healthy. however, most of people will recognize it when they are old because they want to pursue their dreams.

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