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Crawling Freestyle!

Baby’s milestones are something every parent looks forward to and love to watch their little ones mastering them. Starting from lifting heads, going through smiles and laughs, rolling over, sitting, CRAWLING, walking, talking and the list will never end.

My son is 9.5 months old now and he’s been through some of his milestones but things stopped when it’s time for crawling to happen. Usually babies crawl between the age of 6 to 10 months and I’m really aware that each baby masters his milestone at his own pace so I never freak out when my friend tells me what her baby has achieved or if I read something about babies’ milestones and it doesn’t match with ours.

About 2 weeks ago, my little munchkin started showing us a new strategy in crawling. I wasn’t aware that such a strategy exits until the moment I saw my baby doing it. I’ve seen babies’ classic crawls, tummy ones, moving on their cute butts with a push forwards, crab crawl but never on both arms and legs unbent at the same time :o.

It seems that babies have something called “Bear Crawl” as well.

This type of crawling lasted for just a week and now we’re classic crawling. Although he was so cute doing the bear thing, but I think the classic type is much more safer for the little ones and make them reach their goals faster ;).

Crawling is a very important milestone that enhance eye-hand coordination and teach babies how to balance. It also strengthens their muscles so that they get ready to walk in confidence.

 Some babies just skip crawling and go directly to walking and this is totally fine. Although there are some researches that say babies should crawl to achieve above development, but also there are so many other researches that say, babies can achieve the same results doing other activities and it won’t affect their development.

To recap, my son is now 9 and a half months old and he started doing the classic crawl sometimes but still prefers to pull himself up and stand supported much more. He sometimes also try to clap while standing so he made it few times to stand few seconds on his own before falling down in a sitting position.

An advise to all mommies out there, don’t compare your little ones with other babies; each one will reach his/her milestone at their own ease.

Until then, stay safe and baby-proof your house once you reach at our stage 🙂

FullSizeRender (10)
I don’t have a proper shot as I was so amused watching 😀
That’s how little munchkin spending his time now-a-days ❤

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