Things I Regret Buying for my Little Ones!

On the day we know about our pregnancy, we all get excited and start planning our shopping list. A while later, we start rushing to get everything checked out off the list and in place for our expected babies. Later when they arrive safely, we get even more excited and want to make sure we’re not missing any new trend or collection available in the market.

But sometimes we get over-excited and buy things we either won’t use or just use for couple of times. Also, sometimes we won’t know that what we bought recently isn’t very helpful or doesn’t work for us unless we try it.

Here is the list of things I bought for my kids and regret buying them.

  • Hand Rattles: With my daughter, I didn’t use them as I couldn’t find them in the shops but when I had my son and was doing some shopping after delivery, I saw these in the Baby Shop and was so thrilled to get my hands on them. I got 4 and didn’t cost a fortune but didn’t work for us. When I used to put them on my son’s wrists, he used to get so frustrated by trying to catch them, remove them or eat them. Sometimes, they even annoy him by all the sounds they make whenever he moves his hands.


  • Walkers: I had my experience with walkers when my daughter had her 1st birthday. We didn’t bother to buy one before and on her birthday, all of a sudden, we received literary HALF a DOZEN of them :D. I’m not sure if they’re that popular among parents or it’s just because of their convenient price ;). Anyway, I kept 1 for her and exchanged all the others but guess what, I regretted that we didn’t exchange the one we kept as well :D. It was useless for us, my daughter used the box instead of the walker to help her wander around the house. And to be honest I didn’t even encourage her as the box seemed to be steadier for a baby trying to walk very cautiously. I didn’t repeat the experience with my son and now I know, if we received another half dozen of walkers in 2 months time, I’ll exchange ALL.:D
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  • Pacifier Holder/Clip: This thing that seems too good to be true and saves you every time the pacifier falls down didn’t work for neither my daughter nor my son :(. I tried it for my daughter and she was always on a mission to remove it and if she couldn’t, she’ll get really annoyed and decide to give me hard time until I take it out. I didn’t give up with my son and I got it again for him but same thing happened :S. Now when we plan for the third one, I’m for sure taking it out of my list 🙂
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  • Shoes: Oh these little pretty things 😦 Whenever I check out on the things that my babies had outgrew them, I feel sorry for all the money I spent on baby shoes. When I had my baby girl, I bought too much shoes and believe me she didn’t use most of them; and the ones that she did, happened occasionally. When I had my son, I thought: Oh he’s chubby and off course shoes will work for him and won’t fall off every time I hold him unlike his sister. But again I was wrong 😦 and again spent money that I regret. The only shoes that worked for my son, was the moccasins so invest in them and invest means only couple will do.


  • Burp Clothes: I didn’t use these neither for my daughter nor for my son. We bought the normal burp clothes and the waterproof ones. My daughter wasn’t a “burp baby” no matter how long she was held and my son was the fastest burping baby I know 😀 so they didn’t use it. And to be honest, a normal towel or even the bib will do the job.

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  • Baby Carrier: I got it as a gift for my daughter but she never used it. She was a car-seat/stroller lover. She had no problem sitting in one of them wherever we go. My son was a different story; he loved (still do) to be carried like 24/7 so I rushed to the shop and got him a carrier thinking that this will solve the problem when we go out, but it didn’t. My son was anti car, mall, park… anything that isn’t home :(. He used to cry too much when he goes out so the carrier went on our useless items’ list.
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My list doesn’t have to work for all moms, but as a mama of 2, my advise to all expecting/new moms is not to get over excited and buy things you just expect that your baby will use. Wait and go along with your babies’ needs one at a time. Each baby is different and things that may work for one are not the same that work for another. And if possible, always have your baby with you while doing his/her shopping; this way, you’ll get to try anything you’re in doubt of.

Save your money and energy for later; trust me, you’ll need it ;).

Watch this space, I will be soon sharing with you my list of things I didn’t buy and still survived without 🙂


12 thoughts on “Things I Regret Buying for my Little Ones!

  1. Baby Z lived in his walker for quite a while, so it was pretty useful for us! And I now use his burp cloths as cleaning cloths around the house! Agree with most of the rest though… RIP Baby shoes and baby carriers!!


    1. Zeyna I’m not talking about the baby walker that they sit in; we used that as well for both my kids. It’s the other one that they use for pushing and supposedly help them walk.
      It seems that everyone agree on the shoes bit 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! with the twins pacifier holders save my life! but I agree with the shoes, I only use socks, they are 9 months already, I think shoes make sense when they walk, like 1 yearish! x


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