Things we DIDN’T buy & SURVIVED without!

Baby shopping list seems to be an endless one for parents, especially those who are expecting for the 1st time. We all were there at a certain point and I know how it feels.

I had my first baby at the age of 25 and believe me I had no clue what was it going to be like. When my due date started to get closer, I was so worried that I might be missing something I still didn’t get but I decided to let go as I was travelling and wasn’t having my baby in UAE and thought I’ll worry about it later.

On September 26th, 2013, I had my princess and was on my own. I didn’t have any help until she was 2 months old. Then, I was back home with my husband and mother in law to take care of both of us <3.

During the first 2 months with my daughter, I learned how to do everything on my own and decided to go by the old school in so many things. Now I have an almost 3 years old daughter and a 10 months old son and old school continues :).

Old school saved my money and my home space. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and need any space possible to keep things organized and in place. So today I decided to share with you the list of things I didn’t buy for both of my children and still managed to survive happily without :).

  • Bottle Sterilizer: As I’m not a breastfeeding mom with both my kids (don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t something I decided not to do), I used to boil the bottles twice a week and always store them in the freezer after washing them. My kitchen surface doesn’t really tolerate any additions :).
I chose Tommee Tippee as I use their bottles and thought to stay loyal for the brand 😀
  • Bottle Warmer: My daughter and son both accepted their milk with room temperature water so didn’t really think about a bottle warmer. My diaper bag was heavy enough to add on :D.
  • Changing Table: I have a changing cloth that works really fine and it’s portable 😀 so thought of investing in more space in the kids’ room instead of a changing table.
It looks really nice but I know it won’t stay as it is all the time 😀 especially when your baby starts crawling and reaching things
  • Wipes Warmer: I live in the desert where temperatures can go up to 50 degrees in summer time so I don’t think a baby will mind wiping his thing with a slightly cold cloth.


  • Baby Timer: I don’t think a  mom needs a timer for tracking her babies’ feeding for instance. Your baby will be the timer and he/she will make sure you know it’s time for their meal. The same goes with their diaper changing. A suspicious smell is guaranteed once it’s time for a change and if you had a smelling problem, don’t worry, your baby will be the best alarm.
Some mobile apps do the same job
  • Baby Food Processor: I have to be honest, I thought about getting one recently as my son is a food lover, but I have the normal blender at home and thought I’ll try it before getting the baby food processor and guess what!! IT WORKED :D.
I swear they didn’t pay me 😀
  • Diaper Disposable System: I didn’t even know what this meant but I googled it when I first saw it at the shop. It is something that seals each dirty diaper in an antibacterial film and help lock the smell. I think I can do without it when I throw my garbage everyday and in case it was a really smelly diaper, I throw it right away ;).


As I always mention, my list won’t be the same as everyone’s list. Each person has a different way of living and the conditions I was in when I first had my baby may not be the same as others.

I also have to admit; maybe, just maybe, if I was living in a bigger home and had a bigger household income, I might had bought some of the above, but I won’t know for sure as I don’t apply for both terms & conditions :P.

Would love to hear back which one of the above you share with me and in case you had any additions would love to know what was it 🙂

P.S. All above pictures were taken from Google


6 thoughts on “Things we DIDN’T buy & SURVIVED without!

  1. From the items listed above, I’m guilty of having bought a bottle sterilizer and a baby blender (not a food processor though). Honestly, I used both these items extensively but come to think of it, could I have done without them? Absolutely yes 😦 ;-(

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  2. Same with me for your whole list except a bottle sterilizer which I got as a gift anyways. I don’t think any of those things are needed. I used to use my normal blender at home to puree my babys food.

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