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Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

Very long time ago, vaginal delivery was the only way of having babies. Only in the 18th century, medical assistance appeared and doctors and hospitals started to spread and later were accepted by people.

Now-a-days, cesarean delivery, is taking over even when no emergency or medical reason emerge.

I’ve been thinking of writing this post a while now but finally decided to do it and my trigger was a friend of mine who had her 1st baby recently. She chose a C-section delivery when there were no medical reason that obliged her to do so. As a mother who tried both, natural and cesarean delivery, I felt bad I couldn’t convince her.

I had my first baby the natural way after 21.5 hours in labor and still my doctor and I refused to go through a c-section. My second baby was a different story; he was in a breech position; I tried some exercises to help him turn but it didn’t work. I was so tired and having low blood pressure.When I was 35 weeks pregnant, it was so hard for me to walk even two steps; it felt like a marathon. So the doctor advised that once I start my 36 weeks, we should schedule the delivery and so we did. I had my baby on August 12th when I was due on September 10th.

From my above experience, I’ll share with you what I passed through in both of my deliveries and will add on some information I found throughout my reads.

Natural Delivery:

  • Short hospital stay: I stayed for only 2 days at the hospital.
  • Fast recovery: I was able to walk, hold my baby, breastfeed her and take care of her right away. I did the showers from day 1 at home as I had no assistance at all. In one week’s time, I had to go get her paper work done as hubby wasn’t around as well.
  • Fast pre-pregnancy body: I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans after 20 days from delivery. It was a bit tight but the zipper went up :D.
  • Avoid major surgery: As you know, surgery means anesthesia, risks of infection, bleeding and scaring. It also means longer pain afterwards; so I was lucky enough to avoid it all.
  • No breathing problems at birth for my daughter: Due to the natural delivery process, babies tend to squeeze out any fluids in their lungs so this will save them from any respiratory distress or breathing problems.
  • Enhance babies’ immune system: While passing through mommy’s birth channel, babies take a good bacteria which helps improve their immune system. This also make them less likely to develop asthma and food allergy later on.

Cesarean Delivery:

  • Veins blood-clot risks: I had to wear tight socks since the moment I was admitted. These are used to prevent blood clots in the veins. They were very tight and caused me 2 skin burns in my legs (not very severe ones but took me around 15 days to get rid of them)
  • Long hospital stay: I had to stay for 4 days in the hospital
  • Slow recovery: For the first 2 days, I couldn’t move. On the third day I had my mom and the nurse help me move few steps  and take me for shower (which they did off course not me). After 4 days at the hospital, I went home and still couldn’t walk properly, or laugh, or cough, or sneeze… and I was still in pain. Had to live with my pain killers and gas relieve pills for a while.
  • Slow pre-pregnancy body: I wasn’t able to put back my pre-pregnancy jeans as fast I did with my first pregnancy.
  • Risks of health problems: Thanks God I didn’t have any but the risks of the following are high after a cesarean delivery: Heart attack, clotted blood underneath the c-section cut,  inflammation of the tissue covering the uterus, wound opening, severe bleeding and pain and numbness in the cut area.
  • Lose blood more than in natural delivery
  • Respiratory problems in babies: My son had water in his lungs and had to stay in the intensive care for 2 days as he had difficulty in breathing properly.
  • Difficult breast feeding: To me, it was impossible for the first 2 days as I didn’t see my baby. Then when he was brought to me, he refused it as he was already taking formula milk at the intensive care plus, I was in pain and not very comfortable with breastfeeding.

Would love to hear your experiences <3.


3 thoughts on “Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

  1. Hey Haneen!
    I delivered twins, I went through this extensive research before, wanted a vaginal delivery, but with the twins, it was way safer not to go through labour, and hamdella I did make it to the 36th week, when we opted for an elective cesarean, and that was one of the best choices of my life honestly because it just limits the drama, no pain before, i know what i was gonna face, and that made all the difference!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hey Yammona, always sounds good to hear back about moms’ experiences. I totally agree with you the C-section wasthe best in your case and that’s why in every post I make sure to mention clearly that it’s not always the same for every one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes exactly, the case is just so relative, no need to choose a cesarean when you’re a healthy 28 year old, but when u have a complication its safer for both! Anyway glad we’re over this drama anyway, mothers of twos 😉😉


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