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Pikkaboo – 2in1 Stroller & Bassinet

Moms’ shopping lists are a never ending story but going through essentials, a mom’s main concern is having the best gear for her little ones. Decisions are always affected by safety, comfort, style, ease of use and price. So to help you out with one tick from your list, I’m going to introduce you to Pikkabo 2 in 1 stroller & bassinet set.

Pikkaboo is a stroller that provides all in 1. Starting with the design, simplicity reigns in a great, innovative and beautiful look ;).


Talking about safety, its air-plumped wheels and extra-ordinary suspension, makes it glide smoothly over various terrain. And its supernatural rubber explosion proof wheels, pedal break and 5 point harness system, makes it a safer stroller according to Consumer Reports.

wheelswheels-2     wheels-3

In addition to that, the bassinet is designed with breathable fabric and 3-sided ventilation system for comfort in warm climates (perfect for UAE right 😉 )


Pikkaboo is fully adjustable for babies to sit or lay down. It can be used from day 1, taking into consideration the infant neck and lung concerns & the need for a roomy, supportive and comfortable cushioning. When your baby starts growing up, sitting upright and becoming more curious to soak the world around him/her, Pikkaboo still do the perfect job as it grows with them up to 3 years old.


What makes us love Pikkaboo even more is that its bassinet is not a separate piece you have to worry about storing or carrying with you. It’s also reversible so the baby can face you or the street.


In addition to that, the stroller comes with solid heavy duty iron wall hinges on which the bassinet can be hung working like an alternative mini-crib and saving you coveted home space. Thus, it gives you ultimate versatility in a stroller!

img_7048 img_7049

Pikkaboo bassinet has a wide seat unlike many strollers that do less comfort for your baby. Its plush and comfy fabric makes it so decidedly cozy. It also takes into consideration all different weather conditions and has a 50+ UPF large canopy that protects the baby from harmful sun beams by blocking it from all angels and wind drafts.


More reasons to love Pikkaboo??

It comes with a zipper leg warmer, cup-holder, built-in diaper space, arm wrist and mosquito net!! All as added on freebies :D.

Our new favorite is so easy to carry around and travel friendly as it’s easily foldable by just 1 step and weighs 11.5 KGs.


Want to know more?

With Pikkaboo 2 in 1 stroller and bassinet set, you don’t have to go into the “I like it but I wish there was a different color” as it is available in 6 different colors: Pink, Blue, Purple, Beige, Green and Red. And personally I love the Red <3.


Now talking about all the above features, will for sure make you think that this is going to be expensive, but guess what :D, by adding Pikkaboo to your essentials, you’d be buying the best you can afford for your baby as it ticks all the boxes: Safety, comfort and beauty at a very affordable price – affordable as 1199 AED!!

Isn’t it great :).

Do mention “Working Mother of 2” while placing an order, and avail a 15% discount ;). Happy shopping.

You can find Pikkaboo on:

Facebook: pikkaboobaby

Instagram: @pikkaboo_stroller_uae

Or call 056/7070958 as Pikkaboo gets delivered for free and yet have the option to pay cash upon delivery.

*** This is a sponsored post but all views are sincerely ours ***


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