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Diagnosed with “Hand, Foot & Mouth”

Two weeks ago, my daughter had a 3-days high fever sickness. It was just fever and then it disappeared.We didn’t visit the doctor as usually she advises to monitor the fever for 2 days and then if it keeps on going up we take further actions. We just used Panadol to keep the fever under control and we were good in 3 days.

Then last week, my son started having high fever as well and on day 1 we thought he got it from his sister. On the second day, we started noticing that he’s unable to swallow his saliva and refusing to eat (trust me, it’s nothing like my son). On the third day, we started seeing allergy-like spread on his hands, arms, feet and legs and then continued to his mouth area. At first, I was still thinking that this is just a side effect of his fever that he usually develop whenever he has fever. But then, the spread was more red in color and definitely nothing like what he usually have.

So a doctor visit was a must.

On Saturday afternoon, we visited our Pediatric and Ramzi was diagnosed with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.

What is Hand, Foot & Mouth disease?

  • It is a sickness that causes spots in or on the mouth, hands and foot. It sometimes spread on the buttocks and legs as well. The spots maybe painful or itchy and takes around a week to heal. This illness is mostly seen in children but also appears in adults and the most common time to see this is at summer or fall season.

(In Ramzi’s case, spots were in his mouth, on and surrounding his lips, on his arms & hands, and on his feet & legs.

What causes hand, foot & mouth disease/virus?

  • It is a virus called Enterovirus & spreads easily when coughing or sneezing. Also, it can spread through infected stool as when you change a diaper or a young child touches stool with his hands and then touches objects or toys that other kids put in their mouth.

What are its symptoms?

  • Fever (38 degrees and above)
  • Tired baby
  • Sore throat
  • Spots in or on the mouth, hands & feet (a day or two after fever)

Sometimes symptoms are very minor and usually take 3 to 6 days to start showing up from the day someone has been exposed to the virus.

What is its treatment?

  • This disease/virus needs no medical treatment, it will vanish on its own. Our Pediatric prescribed Profinal to help with minimizing the pain in Ramzi’s throat and a lotion to be applied on his skin to relief the itchy bit. She also advised to offer him cold liquids and sweet smooth food such as ice-pops, ice-cream, custard, sweet-flavored yogurt, and bachamel soup (cold). In case he was still hungry, she advised to dip some bread in his milk and then offer it to him. She also advised to stay away from hot food, anything that needs too much chewing and sour or acidic food.

General precautions to avoid spreading the virus:

  • If your baby goes to daycare, keep him at home for at least a week
  • Wash your hands frequently especially after touching any spot or changing diapers
  • Teach the whole family to wash frequently as well
  • Don’t allow sharing your baby’s toys with any other baby
  • Don’t let your baby give kisses while infected



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