The day we explored “Little Explorers” at Dubai Marina Mall

Usually, we are big fans of every thing educational related to the kids. And what’s the best way of getting educated other than fun and play ;), so that’s why Little explorers is one of our favorites.

A month ago, we were invited to the opening of the new Little Explorers branch at the Dubai Marina Mall but since it was a working day for me, the team was so sweet to send us the invitations for any later day/timing that suites  us! (another reason to love them even more <3). So we visited couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning and off course were impressed.


For those who don’t know Little Explorers, they’re the holder of Time Out Kids Dubai’s “Best Edutainment Centre in Dubai” award for two consecutive years. They have proven to be the perfect mix of fun and education for all children from the age of two to seven. They believe in acquiring education and knowledge through playing and exploration. Fun, safety and learning are their motto.

So back to our experience; we visited on a Saturday morning (around 11:00 am) and the place was not crowded neither empty. They had a birthday party at the time we were there but I can guarantee you, it didn’t affect our visit at all. When we first arrived, one of the staff welcomed us at the door and my daughter was so happy to hold his hand and walk along with him to the entrance. Got our passes and the fun started.

The place is full of bright colors which is something familiar to Little Explorers, and it is divided into 3 main areas: Water – Space – Play.

The Water area was Ghazal’s favorite as she usually loves playing with water. So we spent most of our time there. Its bright colors as well makes it attractive to kids and especially those who are a bit smaller (like my daughter) and not knowing how much education and knowledge this area has to offer, such as floating, raining, watering, water flow and more.



The Space area is something that fascinated Ghazal. Lately, she was always mentioning space and rocket ships while playing and she was so happy that she had the chance to see one. This area is painted in white and silver which gives the place a brighter look. It has a “space rocks” area (white and silver balls to dive in 😉 ), a conveyor belt in which kiddos can shift the space rocks and then use the cart to move them from place to another and then there is the rocket ship where children enjoy a space experience by counting down, video chatting with squads and much more features.



Last but not least, the Play area has so many attractions for the kids to explore and experiment with air, voice, touch, speed, memory and active games. In addition to a car where children get to test, drive and even fill the petrol tank.


In addition to all of the above, Little explorers has a workshop area where they host special classes and events (this is a different charge from the entrance fee).

The staff there are so friendly and know how to deal very well with children as they are qualified in early education. So in case you want to have a meal in the food court or watch a movie at the cinema next door, the staff will look after your kids.

Also Little Explorers has a dedicated area for birthdays. It’s a closed one so that birthday parties won’t bother anyone visiting at the same time ;).

We ended our day at the Lego shop available at Little Explorers and off course we never leave a Lego shop with empty hands.


 A day pass to Little Explorers will cost you 140 AED but also couple of hours passes are available to purchase. To know more, check out Little Explorers website: and follow them on Instagram @littleexplorersme.

*** We were invited to check out Little Explorers new branch, but all views are mine.***


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