No more co-sleeping with dust mites!

It’s a human nature to live in a hygiene area/atmosphere where we make sure everything around us is clean (or at least that’s what we think we’re achieving), but the truth is, there are still some places missed!

Have you thought about your mattress for instance?!! I didn’t before getting introduced to The Healthy Home.

It looks like we’ve been sharing our bed with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses that were greedily making use of our mattress as a reproduction haven. And here came The Healthy Home to rescue.


“The Healthy Home is a clinically-developed, deep cleaning and sanitizing treatment that is dry and chemical-free, so there’s no odor, no drying time; and it’s absolutely SAFE for any type of mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery and other soft furniture. Their technology is the world’s first and only medical grade mattress sanitation technology using Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL), specifically designed to prevent growth of bacteria and living organisms in the mattress that is endorsed by the Australian office of Fair Trading.”

We were so happy that they gave us a visit to take care of the kids’ messy room (mattresses, pillows, duvets, curtains, toys, stuffed animals & cupboards) and our room (mattress, pillows & duvet). As a first impression, I knew they’re the right company.

  • They didn’t enter our flat before wearing disposable socks over their shoes! Then brought in their equipment which is 2 steel boxes that looked interesting ;).
  • The team consisted of 3, a supervisor and 2 team members that performed the job.
  • Before the job started, the supervisor explained the process and then did a demonstration. Afterwards, the real deal started.
  • Our mattress, pillows and duvet took around 25-30 minutes, while the kids’ room took around 45 minutes as it involved a single and a crib mattress, curtains, toys and stuffed animals (and trust me we have lots of them), pillows, duvets & cupboards (one for Ghazal and one for Ramzi).
  • The team had our written feedback and left.

The process or how things worked:

  • The Healthy Home team  used a high powered vacuum to remove the dust out of the mattress. Then flipped it to the other side to make sure all dust is removed.
  • An ultra violet light was applied on the mattress but this time, no need to flip it again as this light penetrates very well and is also equal to 14 hours sun exposure!


  • Pillows, duvets, curtains, toys & cupboards were sanitized by hot steam.
  • A sticker was placed on all mattresses to verify that the mattress was 100% deep cleaned and sanitized and when will be the next treatment (6 months later).


Notes to add from our experience:

  • Both teams who visited us were so friendly especially with the kids.
  • Both teams were punctual (even came a bit early)
  • The supervisors showed knowledge and did a good job in explaining the whole procedure.
  • The whole process is so safe even when kids are around except for the UV light part.

For more information on how to have a really clean mattress and sanitized toys for your kiddos, check out The Healthy Home website, call them on 800 SANITIZE, or check them out on Instagram @healthyhomeme.

*** We were provided this service for free for review purposes but all the views mentioned above are honestly mine. ***


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