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Are you living with a Threenager?

Last week, I posted a quote on Instagram about patience with a caption about threenagers. One of the comments I received was: “What is a threenager?”. So I decided to give you a closer look on one!


Our daughter is 3.5 years now and day after day, she makes me so confident that we’ve been living with a threenager for quite some time now! Here are some of the traits she’s been showing recently.

  1. Offer her a new full bag of sandwiches bread and her answer will come: “Not good mommy, call supermarket to bring another one!” We still didn’t figure out what’s the “not good” thing about the sandwiches  and trust me, it’s one of the situations that we really have strong discussions about, melt downs and end up with her not eating the bread.

    This is the bread we’re talking about.
  2. They give you some shocking answers with gestures and firm body language! Something like: “I don’t want to play with my brother now OTHERWISE he’ll destroy everything and make a DISASTER!”img_0482
  3. Although we have a nursery costume that she should be wearing, every morning we change at least 3 outfits before leaving home. Please keep in mind that the socks has to match the shoes color or even better – this morning, we had to wear the grey jeans as the shoes is grey! The reason why we’re not wearing the costume nowadays, is because “They look FUNNY”!

    Those were the days!
  4. Hair fixing! In our case, and since our threenager is a girl, daddy, mommy and nanny should do some homework and study the hairstyles of Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Arial and all Disney princesses before even trying to touch her hair. “Mommy, this is not how Arial’s hair looks like, I want it down like this!” And only God and Arial herself knows what does “like this” looks like :).

    Sometimes we go out like this 🙂
  5. Who said mom’s with a threenager needs to go to the gym?!! Once you have a threenager, all you do is running. Yes, running after them! Their best game is to runaway from you! We start dressing up in front of her closet and end up at the entrance. Sometimes we reach the car and do some final touches.
  6. Nap time dilemma! If they nap, it’s too much pain to put them to bed early at night! If they don’t nap, they’ll turn into monsters by 5:00 – 6:00 pm.
  7. “Maybe 3” is her favorite phrase when asking for anything. “Mommy, I want Kinder” – “Here you go, 1 for you and 1 for your brother” – “No mommy, maybe 3”. This applies to anything she asks for and trust me, convincing her with a less number is not that easy.
  8. Try getting ready when in rush! “Wait mommy, I know how to put on my pants by my self”. “Wait mommy,  I know how to put on my socks by my self.” “Wait mommy… by my self” all the way!
    It actually started way earlier!

    By myself!

Life with a threenager is not easy. It’s energy and patience consuming. It can test your sanity to it’s last extent.

But yet.

A threenager can make you laugh out loud like never before. They can amuse you with the number of words they caught. They can surprise you with the sweetest phrases and acts at times. I can never forget the day when Ghazal came to me, all out of a sudden, to tell me “Mommy, we are best friends forever, I love you”.

So yes, no matter how tough dealing with a threenager could be, they are still the sweetest little creatures to spend time with.

Did it turn you’re living with a threenager? How do you deal with them!


12 thoughts on “Are you living with a Threenager?

  1. Although william have a lot of the threenager characteristics from before but it seems that now we are coming to a knew higher level🙃. good luck with her dear😉

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