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Sleep is the solution!

“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker

As we all know, babies, children and teens need to sleep more than adults do. And since I’m dealing with a threenager these days, sleep is so essential and yet a challenge. 

If it happened you read my post “Are you living with a threenager?”, you’ll know about our nap dilemma. If not, here’s how it’s going these days: my daughter is not napping during the day and it was me who cut it for her. She used to nap before but then she started being so much pain when it comes to bed time so we stopped the nap and managed to put her to bed every night at 7:00 – 7:30 without any complains or fights. Sometimes, she used to go to bed alone and fall asleep without even giving us a notice! (too good to be true right 🙂 )

So yes this has changed! Unfortunately!

Lately, both Ghazal and Ramzi are giving us hard time when it comes to sleep. My daughter is the main concern as she has to wake up everyday at 7:00 am to nursery. It’s been a while now that she sleeps very late at night  (by very late I mean 11:30 – 12:00) and wakes up at 7:00 in the morning. And during the day has no naps at all.

As a result, Ghazal started to act aggressively and put us all under pressure.

“Sleep deprivation is the most common brain impairment.” – William C Dement

She’s been a really hard kid to deal with. Daily (pain) routines start at 7:00 am when I wake her up to nursery. She’s been waking up with a very bad mood, crying, kicking, refusing to wake up and getting dressed. She’s been refusing anything I prepare in her lunch box and starts the day with a really negative attitude! She’s been leaving home crying every single day. I’ve been leaving home stressed out. Daddy has been dropping and picking her up from nursery with a nagging journey and definitely stressful one. She’s been hitting her brother all day long. Not playing properly. Throwing everything her hands lay on. And sometimes hurting us! By all means: hitting, shouting, saying things – things like I don’t love you, I want you to go away, I don’t want you to come back. All this made me lose my temper, shout back at her, punish her, say bad things to her and by the time I lay down on my pillow, I cry out guilt and exhaustion together. After all, it’s not only the kids I have to take care of. I have lots to do after work especially after our house shifting. I have to cook next day’s lunch and unpack whatever is left in the boxes.

So this had to stop, it wasn’t fun for anyone.

The first thing I did is to ask the nanny to stop giving them a bathe before I come from work. And here’s how our 1st successful day went!

I arrived home at 6:00 pm directly to the kids room. Played with them for around an hour. We laughed, had fun, enjoyed some cuddles and got rid of the extra energy. Then put each of them in a separate tub with warm water, few drops of baby oil and bubbles. Left them there for 30 minutes and then the nanny did Ramzi’s shower and I did Ghazal’s. By the time we finished and got our PJs on, it was around 8:00 and both were ready to hit the bed. We brought their beds together, read a story with dim lights and by 8:30 – 9:45 both were asleep.


Next day, the results that we were expecting were achieved. Ghazal woke up at 7:00 to be the happiest kid and I knew it; we’re having our lovely girl back! She was so excited to go to nursery. She dressed up easily, she chose what to have in her lunch box and most importantly, left home with a smile, a kiss to her brother and “I Love you mommy” words. This was definitely the greatest start of a day we had for weeks now and the most pleasant ride with daddy to nursery as well.

We’ve been doing this for a week now and it’s working so great. Ghazal is back to normal (other than the threenager traits) and she’s been so lovely to everyone. She even started helping around the house with small chores (sometimes 🙂 ).

Have you been through something similar? We’d love to know how did you deal with it.


5 thoughts on “Sleep is the solution!

  1. Sleep is most definitely the solution. My daughter used to nap till she was 5, but you’re right, getting her down early at night was a struggle. Things are different now, she naps no more and the whole household is fast asleep by 9.30 pm!

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  2. Great to hear your method is working for you, and hope it carries on doing so! Getting them to sleep at “normal times” is such a confusing as well as trial and error method, and sometimes the weirdest things work!


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