Creative fun at the Cloud 7

As the weather is not helping with outdoor activities these days, we’re always on the look for indoor areas that keep the kids engaged. And in UAE, especially Dubai, you’ll never run out of options. So a week ago, we decided to check out Cloud 7 and discover the creative aspect they promise it’s all about.

Cloud 7 is a unique creative centre for kids aged three and upwards, located inside Level Kids in City Walk. And when you say Level Kids, you know something magical is awaiting.

We arrived at 11:00 am and were welcomed by a very friendly staff who made sure we have a clear idea about Cloud 7 and everything they offer. They have 4 main activity sections: The Creative Area, the Creative Garage, Building Blocks Assembly and Interactive Digital Lab.

We started at the Creative Area where Ghazal was offered to choose from the following activities (she was offered all); Candle Making, Ceramic Painting, Soap Making and Cake Decorating. She chose to start with Candle Making. There were so many options and accessories to encourage kids’ creativity and help design the candle. Ghazal first chose the flower shape mould, a selection of wax colors, few ready wax shaped pieces to decorate the top and the scent of her candle. The result was really nice and ready to go home with us after we’re done playing.

Then Ghazal chose to decorate a cake. She loved this one as she always helps me with baking at home. At this activity, kids are given a cake made of styrofoam, real fondant for decorating (G chose the colors), loads of moulding cutters, few options of sprinkles and off course paint to color the cake.

Meantime, Ramzi (even though not 3 years old yet), was enjoying the Building Blocks Assembly and Ghazal was keeping an eye on him and was so keen to join. So she gave up with crafts creative play and joined her brother for some blocks fun. The Building Blocks Assembly area is full of big foam blue blocks with different shapes to bring out kids’ creativity. Both my kids had a great time there and didn’t want to leave.

Afterwards, the friendly staff offered both my kids to have a look at their Creative Garage. And here, kids can enjoy the best thing they’re good at: removing things from its place and then returning it back (not necessarily to its correct place though)! The Creative Garage has a car in which kids can pretend driving, remove its wheels, and other bits and pieces that can be removed and reassembled again. In addition to that, there’s a big magnet car puzzle where kids can figure out how to fix.

Our last stop at Cloud 7 was the Interactive Digital Lab. It’s an area where you can mould your video game character using play-dough. After finalizing your character, you can scan it into the video game, personalize it and hit play! I have to say, Miss G did the play-dough bit and I did the video game :D. 

Before leaving, we picked up our candle and cake and the kids waved a sad goodbye to the staff there as they didn’t want to leave. So I guess it’s a good sign ;).


Cloud 7 has a 100 AED entrance fee for 2 hours play and 1 creative station activity. Other activities can be added for additional fees. Check them out for more information.

*** We were invited to Cloud 7 fro a review purposes, yet all opinions and views are sincerely ours. ***


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