Meeting Penguins In The Desert

When you first say Penguins, you won’t relate that to the desert; instead, you’ll directly think of a cold place that never stops snowing. But as everything is possible in Dubai, Penguins can be met in the desert!

Last month, it marked five years of Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai and it was the month when the feathery family of King and Gentoo penguins arrived at their new, snow-tacular home in 2012. And guess what, we were so happy to be part of this celebration and get to meet that cute family.


Before we met the feathery family, we had to meet the trainers who put all their expertise in keeping this species safe. Not only this, but they also have a Snow Penguin Breeding Programme that results with a colony of 29 penguins at the moment at Ski Dubai.


The trainers took us in a short tour, showed us an informative video and explained the history of the penguins and how were they brought to Dubai via a collaboration with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in the United States. This collaboration has enabled Ski Dubai to drive advanced research that is critical to protecting and promoting the future prosperity of the penguin species. The trainers also told us that Fifteen out of eighteen penguin species are either endangered or threatened in the wild and every Snow Penguin guest at Ski Dubai directly contributes to facilitating research in this field.


Afterwards, we were introduced to where the penguins stay and in what conditions they like to swim. We were also taught how to interact with them without causing them or ourselves any hurt.

And then came the moment when we actually met those cute creatures. Trust me, they’re the same cuteness as seen on TV or even more. They’re so friendly and love to play. They had tricks to show us and they love to pose!

At first we met the couple, Pumpkin and Lollipop. They were love birds and these two belong to the Gentoo penguins family. They love to meet guests and take photos with them.


Then we met the King penguins. These loved to play and their favorite thing was bubbles. We got to interact with them, throw them toys, touch them and even give them a kiss. I’m pretty sure, little Missy won’t forget such moments easily!


If you’re looking for such a memorable experience, you have to check out the the Penguins at Ski Dubai. Penguin Encounters at Ski Dubai start at AED 225 per person and give guests an up-close and personal bonding session with at least two Snow Penguins.


For more information and bookings, check out their website.



3 thoughts on “Meeting Penguins In The Desert

  1. Oh I wanted to see a real penguin 😉 How come I haven’t been to Ski Dubai when in fact we live close to Mall of the Emirates. Hahah! My son is starting to appreciate seeing living creatures. We got to visit this place one weekend. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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