How to know a “Dubai raised” kiddo!

Lately, and as my kids are growing up away from home, I started realizing how different they are when they reunite with their cousins during our summer vacations or holidays’ short trips to Lebanon. It feels like everyone recognize them as the “living in Dubai kids”. How not and they are so good in showing it?!

I’ll put it down in a list for the purpose of a good laugh but yet, some points hurt deep inside.

How to recognize a Dubai raised kid:

  1. When your children ask you to build a sand-castle on snow :O

    Yet not very convinced 😀
  2. When they wait for winter season to hit the beach 😀 (I have to say it wasn’t this winter though as we had a proper one this year)
  3. When they’re the only kids to wear cardigans or long sleeve during the summer break back home :S

    This photo was taken on July 8th last year in Lebanon
  4. When Teta (grandma) for them links to Skype 😦

    it was uncle here while we’re at work ❤
  5. When you’re kids start talking English before their native language (which is Arabic in our case)
  6. When your kids’ first words/phrases (other than mommy, daddy) are: nanny, brunch, holiday & airport.
  7. When you ask your kids where do you want to go on the weekend and they reply: Ice Skating then beach 😀

The list will never end but I just dropped down what my kids have been up to so far.

Feel free to add on the list, i’d love to hear back from you ❤


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