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Living Simply Is All What Matters!

Living Simply is a set of mind in which you train your self to reach. And since ever I started growing up, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and this is a major point in living simply.

To live simply is not easy to reach yet doable.

Have a look on below list, choose what suits you and live simply; it’s worth it.

  • Know the most and least important things that matters in your life. Focus on the most important and eliminate the least ones.
  • List down your commitments, evaluate them as which ones give you value and which ones just consume your energy. Focus on the first part and let go the others.
  • Whether you work or home based, start with the most important things on your to do list.
  • Saying NO is an option. If you feel it’s too much for you to handle, just say NO. Don’t take it if it’s going to stress you, make you tired or unhappy.
  • Disconnect! As the social media rises nowadays, it’s so healthy to disconnect from time to time. I do it almost every Friday.
  • Limit your social platforms to whatever you feel you’re able to manage without stressing out. I only use Instagram and Facebook and still happy about it 🙂
  • Don’t listen to, hear or watch something that puts you down. I used to watch and read a lot about politics and stopped long time ago!
  • Get rid of things you don’t need at home. It feels so good!
  • Do what you love and spend time with those who matter the most.
  • Go out on a date with yourself! To me it’s a salon visit 🙂
  • Live the moment you’re in and you have the whole day tomorrow to worry about other things.
  • Know what’s really enough for you!
  • Know how to get over your stress. No matter how simply you try to live, stress will always be there, but the difference between a person and another is the ability of releasing the stress and in what means.
  • Last but not least, LIVE NEAR YOUR OFFICE!

A simple example from my daily life to help you figure it out:

I’m a working mother of 2. Go to work 5 days a week from 8:00 to 18:00 (never leave the office before 18:30 though). I have 2 kids to take care of. I cook every other day. I have social commitments. I have a husband to spend time with.  I’m sleep deprived. Run a small business (just recently). Do some blogging ;).

It’s tough, hard, tiring, exhausting… and I can keep on nagging all day long – but I don’t! Not that i’m so perfect (trust me, i’m so far from that) but I think about it in a different way. What will nagging do about it?! Will I be less tired, will the nagging do the work for me, will it make me feel better? NO! It will only make it worse, put me in more stress and makes everyone around me unhappy. 

So, an advise to start with, keep in mind that no matter how big your problems are, how tired or upset you feel, how many people are in much better situation than yours; Also know that there are a lot (really a lot) who are in a worse scenario than yours. Once you have that set of mind, you’ve done a huge step in living simply.

Life my friends is all about choices. It’s all in your hands and no one have the right to tell you a different story.

Live simply, be happy and that’s all what matters! ❤


3 thoughts on “Living Simply Is All What Matters!

  1. I have named 2017 ‘To Just Be’ and it is proving to be one of my trickiest challenges to date. So many great points in your post for me to take on board. Thanks for sharing…


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