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Living Simply Is All What Matters!

Living Simply is a set of mind in which you train your self to reach. And since ever I started growing up, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and this is a major point in living simply. To live simply is not easy to reach yet doable. Have a look on below list,… Continue reading Living Simply Is All What Matters!

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Are you living with a Threenager?

Last week, I posted a quote on Instagram about patience with a caption about threenagers. One of the comments I received was: “What is a threenager?”. So I decided to give you a closer look on one! Our daughter is 3.5 years now and day after day, she makes me so confident that we’ve been… Continue reading Are you living with a Threenager?


Holidays’ Shopping Guide on BUDGET!

Every year, around this time (or a bit earlier for people who are a more organized than me), we start our search for the perfect Christmas/Holiday presents.And if you are not running a bank or a sort of similar job, you’ll start your new year with an empty credit card and bank account. Yep! that… Continue reading Holidays’ Shopping Guide on BUDGET!

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Diagnosed with “Hand, Foot & Mouth”

Two weeks ago, my daughter had a 3-days high fever sickness. It was just fever and then it disappeared.We didn’t visit the doctor as usually she advises to monitor the fever for 2 days and then if it keeps on going up we take further actions. We just used Panadol to keep the fever under… Continue reading Diagnosed with “Hand, Foot & Mouth”

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Our Transitional Teddy

When my daughter was born, she had all sorts of gifts. Clothes, baby gear, gold necklaces and bracelets, toys, blankets… but only one gift came with a beautiful wrap and a cute pink teddy hanging out on the gift box. Later on, when Ghazal was two months old, I started using the teddy as part of… Continue reading Our Transitional Teddy

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Working Mamas: Stay Fit!

Time!! It’s all about time. Mommies, I hear you well. How not and it’s been my answer for the past five and a half years. Whenever I discuss this with myself, I just blame it on time. Whenever I have a chat with anyone about staying fit, I blame it on time. But guess what,… Continue reading Working Mamas: Stay Fit!

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Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

Very long time ago, vaginal delivery was the only way of having babies. Only in the 18th century, medical assistance appeared and doctors and hospitals started to spread and later were accepted by people. Now-a-days, cesarean delivery, is taking over even when no emergency or medical reason emerge. I’ve been thinking of writing this post… Continue reading Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

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Co-Sleeping: Advantages & Disadvantages

Ever since my daughter was born, she loved to sleep on her own in her crib. Even when we tried to get her sleep in our bed, she refused. Recently, little princess started to like the idea of co-sleeping and is joining us for some nights. Both my husband and I are enjoying it, no matter… Continue reading Co-Sleeping: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Crawling Freestyle!

Baby’s milestones are something every parent looks forward to and love to watch their little ones mastering them. Starting from lifting heads, going through smiles and laughs, rolling over, sitting, CRAWLING, walking, talking and the list will never end. My son is 9.5 months old now and he’s been through some of his milestones but… Continue reading Crawling Freestyle!