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Co-Sleeping: Advantages & Disadvantages

Ever since my daughter was born, she loved to sleep on her own in her crib. Even when we tried to get her sleep in our bed, she refused. Recently, little princess started to like the idea of co-sleeping and is joining us for some nights. Both my husband and I are enjoying it, no matter… Continue reading Co-Sleeping: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Crawling Freestyle!

Baby’s milestones are something every parent looks forward to and love to watch their little ones mastering them. Starting from lifting heads, going through smiles and laughs, rolling over, sitting, CRAWLING, walking, talking and the list will never end. My son is 9.5 months old now and he’s been through some of his milestones but… Continue reading Crawling Freestyle!

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Happy is the new Healthy

Usually when I decide to write about any topic, I have this habit of googling my title, even when I’m writing about a personal experience. I always check if there’s anyone else sharing my topic and would love to read their stories. Today, I decided to write about “Happy being the new Healthy” but I… Continue reading Happy is the new Healthy

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April Fool’s Day!

We are all familiar with the title; “April Fool’s Day” or what’s known in the US mainly by “All Fools Day”. April Fool occurs traditionally on April 1st of each year. It’s when people play practical jokes, pranks or rumors on others. It’s been there for hundreds of years but unfortunately, its origin is unknown.… Continue reading April Fool’s Day!

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Edible Gold Liquid

Hello everyone. I’m back again with a bit of advice that will give you so many health benefits and sometimes work as the perfect medication. I’m going to talk about the Edible Gold Liquid or in shorter terms; HONEY. I know lots of you are aware of honey being a very beneficial natural ingredient that… Continue reading Edible Gold Liquid

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You’re NOT going BALD!

Well beautiful ladies, here we go. When my son turned 4 months, I started losing my hair in a scary way, so I mentioned it to my mom and that’s when she said: ” Oh Sweet, your boy recognizes you as his mom now!” To be honest, I wasn’t much surprised with the answer. When… Continue reading You’re NOT going BALD!