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Living Simply Is All What Matters!

Living Simply is a set of mind in which you train your self to reach. And since ever I started growing up, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and this is a major point in living simply. To live simply is not easy to reach yet doable. Have a look on below list,… Continue reading Living Simply Is All What Matters!


How to know a “Dubai raised” kiddo!

Lately, and as my kids are growing up away from home, I started realizing how different they are when they reunite with their cousins during our summer vacations or holidays’ short trips to Lebanon. It feels like everyone recognize them as the “living in Dubai kids”. How not and they are so good in showing it?! I’ll… Continue reading How to know a “Dubai raised” kiddo!

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Sleep is the solution!

“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker As we all know, babies, children and teens need to sleep more than adults do. And since I’m dealing with a threenager these days, sleep is so essential and yet a challenge.  If it happened you read my post “Are you… Continue reading Sleep is the solution!

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Are you living with a Threenager?

Last week, I posted a quote on Instagram about patience with a caption about threenagers. One of the comments I received was: “What is a threenager?”. So I decided to give you a closer look on one! Our daughter is 3.5 years now and day after day, she makes me so confident that we’ve been… Continue reading Are you living with a Threenager?

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Diagnosed with “Hand, Foot & Mouth”

Two weeks ago, my daughter had a 3-days high fever sickness. It was just fever and then it disappeared.We didn’t visit the doctor as usually she advises to monitor the fever for 2 days and then if it keeps on going up we take further actions. We just used Panadol to keep the fever under… Continue reading Diagnosed with “Hand, Foot & Mouth”

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Pikkaboo – 2in1 Stroller & Bassinet

Moms’ shopping lists are a never ending story but going through essentials, a mom’s main concern is having the best gear for her little ones. Decisions are always affected by safety, comfort, style, ease of use and price. So to help you out with one tick from your list, I’m going to introduce you to Pikkabo 2… Continue reading Pikkaboo – 2in1 Stroller & Bassinet

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Our Transitional Teddy

When my daughter was born, she had all sorts of gifts. Clothes, baby gear, gold necklaces and bracelets, toys, blankets… but only one gift came with a beautiful wrap and a cute pink teddy hanging out on the gift box. Later on, when Ghazal was two months old, I started using the teddy as part of… Continue reading Our Transitional Teddy

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Baby Under 2: Nursery or No Nursery

Back-to-school is taking over this week and everyone is busy getting everything in place and settled. To us, it’s going to be back-to-nursery and it’s happening next Monday. So as this is going on, I thought of sharing my thoughts and opinions about sending your kids at a very young age to day care. To… Continue reading Baby Under 2: Nursery or No Nursery

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Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

Very long time ago, vaginal delivery was the only way of having babies. Only in the 18th century, medical assistance appeared and doctors and hospitals started to spread and later were accepted by people. Now-a-days, cesarean delivery, is taking over even when no emergency or medical reason emerge. I’ve been thinking of writing this post… Continue reading Natural VS Cesarean Delivery

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To My Ramzi On His 1st Birthday

On August 12, 2015, at 9:24 am, we welcomed a new addition to our family. The sweet angel was a baby boy: Length: 47 cm – Weight: 2.37 KGs – Name: Ramzi. Ramzi wasn’t due until September 10th, but Mommy and baby were ready and this time I had no choice but try the C-Section. Today, 12… Continue reading To My Ramzi On His 1st Birthday