FabyLand: World of Adventures

As the hot weather started hitting Dubai lately, options for entertaining the kids have to be limited indoors. So last Saturday, we decided to check out one of the biggest indoor family entertainment centers in Dubai, FabyLand. FabyLand has 2 branches in UAE, one in Deerfields Mall, Abu Dhabi and the other is in the… Continue reading FabyLand: World of Adventures

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Living Simply Is All What Matters!

Living Simply is a set of mind in which you train your self to reach. And since ever I started growing up, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and this is a major point in living simply. To live simply is not easy to reach yet doable. Have a look on below list,… Continue reading Living Simply Is All What Matters!


How to know a “Dubai raised” kiddo!

Lately, and as my kids are growing up away from home, I started realizing how different they are when they reunite with their cousins during our summer vacations or holidays’ short trips to Lebanon. It feels like everyone recognize them as the “living in Dubai kids”. How not and they are so good in showing it?! I’ll… Continue reading How to know a “Dubai raised” kiddo!


Meeting Penguins In The Desert

When you first say Penguins, you won’t relate that to the desert; instead, you’ll directly think of a cold place that never stops snowing. But as everything is possible in Dubai, Penguins can be met in the desert! Last month, it marked five years of Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai and it was the month when… Continue reading Meeting Penguins In The Desert


Celebrating 15 years of AdventureLand

AdventureLand is a leading indoor theme park that’s been operating in Sahara Centre for 15 years now. Couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to celebrate their 15th birthday with a grand parade of lights. The celebration began with  a short program that included dance performance from Ocean Kids school (they were amazing), games… Continue reading Celebrating 15 years of AdventureLand


Celebrating the month of Love with Palmer’s

“Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa   This February, and since it’s the month of love, Plamer’s were so thoughtful to send a “His & Hers” pampering kit. The kit consists of a 250 ml bottle of Cocoa Butter Formula MEN Body and… Continue reading Celebrating the month of Love with Palmer’s


Creative fun at the Cloud 7

As the weather is not helping with outdoor activities these days, we’re always on the look for indoor areas that keep the kids engaged. And in UAE, especially Dubai, you’ll never run out of options. So a week ago, we decided to check out Cloud 7 and discover the creative aspect they promise it’s all about.… Continue reading Creative fun at the Cloud 7

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Sleep is the solution!

“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker As we all know, babies, children and teens need to sleep more than adults do. And since I’m dealing with a threenager these days, sleep is so essential and yet a challenge.  If it happened you read my post “Are you… Continue reading Sleep is the solution!

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Are you living with a Threenager?

Last week, I posted a quote on Instagram about patience with a caption about threenagers. One of the comments I received was: “What is a threenager?”. So I decided to give you a closer look on one! Our daughter is 3.5 years now and day after day, she makes me so confident that we’ve been… Continue reading Are you living with a Threenager?


2 in 1 Friday Brunch – Cielo & Casa de Tapas

When you hear the word brunch in Dubai, you’ll directly think of the huge amounts of food that get wasted on such days and that’s why, when we try a brunch that has enough food and yet not that huge spread, we’d be so happy that we did. Couple of weeks ago, we were invited to… Continue reading 2 in 1 Friday Brunch – Cielo & Casa de Tapas