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Non Negotiable List

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of lists. The problem is not with the list, actually it’s me. Whenever I decide to drop down a list, I get lost and if I managed to do so, I will never follow or finish it on time.

I was nominated by the lovely Um Sultan Mommyblogger to write down my non- negotiable list and it’s been pending for a week or two now but finally managed to write mine down.

The idea of this list was introduced by Kate, the author of Pouting In Heels lifestyle and family blog. It happens that Kate herself is not a big fan of lists as well but it seems that this one was different.

So i’ll give it a try and will see how it goes.

I’ll drop down some of the things that I usually don’t compromise on. They don’t come in order, I’m just dropping down what comes to my mind first.

  1. Coffee: It’s my official sponsor. Coffee comes as number one ingredient that keeps me awake every morning at the office. I rarely have time for coffee on Fridays and Saturdays as these are the weekend days and the kiddos will be all over the place thus leaving me no time for my weekdays ritual. 😛
  2. Writing: This is something that I find myself in. It works as a stress relieve for me. It doesn’t have to be thousands of words or shared publicly all the time, but whenever I have some free time, I’ll grab a paper and a pen and write down whatever comes to my mind. It can be notes, ideas, blog posts or whatever. And yes it’s always a paper and pen. I like doing it old fashion and then copying into my laptop. 😛
  3. Goodnight Kisses & I Love You words: There is no way I sleep without kissing my babies a goodnight kiss and whispering I Love You in their ears. Hubby also gets the same treat ❤
  4. My Babies’ Happiness: These 2 little creatures have made me experience joy and love levels that I’ve never knew they existed before, so noway I’m letting any thing stand in between them and their happiness. No matter what.
  5. Colored Nails: Once I post this on the blog, I have a word for myself. I will always find time to get my nails done. Usually I don’t have it but from now on I’ll find it.

I’ll stop listing now as I know anything on top of that may not happen the way I plan it.

I’d love to nominate some of the lovely mommies out there to take a part of this. All you have to do is write down your list and connect it back to Kate and myself.

Happy Listing ❤


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